What Will Couples Therapy Teach Me

Seeking out a couples counselor to help you in your relationship is often a difficult step to take. People think it will be embarrassing, or uncomfortable, or they already know what is wrong with their marriage. But once couples take the initial leap they find marriage counseling to be a truly rewarding experience. Family Counseling in New York can help you through common problems like, financial stresses, intimacy issues, anger problems, infidelity, addiction, or abuse by teaching you something new about how to communicate with your partner.

If you feel you don’t understand your spouse you need to learn their language. Family counseling services will help you better understand your partner and connect on a deeper emotional level. This means you can have more fun in your relationship, enjoy each other, feel like you are part of a team working towards a common goal. Once you are speaking the same language you will learn how to communicate effectively. Screaming and rehashing the same frustrations over and over is probably not working well.

Learning how and when to start and end a conversation effectively will decrease the arguing and actually lead to conflict resolution and not simply avoiding a fight. Also learning how to praise your partner and how to communicate criticisms constructively will help any couple that struggles with like: fighting about money, conflicting parenting styles, or sharing household duties. Your relationship therapist will help you decifer patterns in behavior that are not working for your relationship and teach you how to listen, communicate, and support each other through issues that are hurting your marriage.

If you are thinking about separation or divorce but simply think your partner won’t go to couples therapy, go by yourself. Individual mindful counseling NY therapy can focus on relationship issues without your partner’s presence. Your counselor may help you see things in a different light, help you with your own depression, anger management, or denial and it may motivate your spouse to join you.

Do We Need Relationship Counseling?

A marriage does not need to be on the brink of divorce to benefit from relationship therapy.

Are you sick of having the same old fight?
Do you sometimes feel stuck in your marriage?
Does it feel more natural to fight with your partner, than nurture an understanding?
Do you remember a time when things were better?

Few couples NEED counseling, but every relationship can benefit from family counseling. Couples therapy can prove very helpful to reconnect a relationship that has grown stagnant over time. Seeking marriage counseling does not mean that a relationship has failed. It means that both people have committed to, and have faith in their relationship. It means they are showing courage to strengthen the bond and reconnect emotionally.

Seeking support from family members or ‘venting’ to your friends, may temporarily alleviate the stress that builds up about certain frustrations. But it doesn’t offer any long lasting resolution to the problems. Seeking a professional, non biased perspective helps both people take responsibility for their actions and grow together by achieving a common goal. Your marital counselor will offer support outside of your mutual circle where you will be free to express yourselves honestly and receive guidance without any personal attachments.

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