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    Types of “Intellectual Property” (IP)

    Intellectual property (IP) definition

    Intellectual Property is any product of human intellect that is unique and un-obvious with some value in the marketplace. Intellectual property laws cover ideas, inventions, literary creations, unique names, business models, industrial processes, computer program code, and more.


    The United States Patent and Trademark Office receives applications for patent and grants patents based on those applications for inventions that it finds meet the criteria established by law. Inventions patented must relate to “patentable subject matter”, must be “novel” and “non-obvious” to those of ordinary skill in the technology art to which the invention relates. Patentable subject matter includes not only the traditional types of inventions – machinery, articles of manufacture, chemical compositions, etc., but also software and new methods of doing business as described on https://kulturehub.com/inventhelp-step-by-step-guide-inventor/.

    An invention cannot be patented if it was in public use or on sale in the U.S. or if the invention was described in a publication anywhere in the world more than one year prior to the filing of the U.S. patent application. The period of protection afforded by a patent is 20 years from the date of filing date of the patent application and is not renewable. Upon expiration of a patent, the invention claimed is in the public domain and all are free to use it.


    A copyright is a right that attaches by Federal law to a creator’s original work. It prevents others from copying or performing a copyrighted work without authorization from the owner. A copyright can be registered at the United States Library of Congress Copyright Office before or after the work is published or initially performed. Federal protection for works created after January 1, 1978, is the author’s lifetime plus 50 years.


    A trademark is a symbol, word or group of words that designates the origin of goods or services in the marketplace. It distinguishes goods marked with your trademark from similar goods of competitors. Trademarks can be registered on “principal” and “secondary” registers of trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. There is also a body of state law that governs certain trademark rights. A Federal trademark registration can continue as long as the mark remains in use and is not abandoned. Read more on https://www.iedunote.com/just-starting-out-as-an-inventor-inventhelp-is-everything-you-need.

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    Most common issues with Printers

    If you have a printer at home or your office in Dubai, then you might have surely witnessed problems in Inkjet or laser of the Printer. This is considered a minor problem and can be solved locally. There are some issues that can’t be solved locally unless you will not take the help of an expert. Some of those issues are as follows:

    Your Printer is working too slow

    Without any visible problem in the Printer, its performance goes down suddenly. Its print quality has also reduced. This may be because of the problems with the settings of the printer. The problem can be solved by making changes in Settings section. But the problem is not always solved by changing the settings of the printer. There are many more complications, the knowledge of which is available to experts only. There may be issues with graphics or the RAM of the device may be creating a hindrance. These issues can’t be solved without the help of experts.

    Windows selects a wrong Printer as default

    At times your Computer Windows may on its own select a default printer and sends print jobs to it. This you can change under settings.

    Poor quality Printouts

    The printer is working, but the quality is too bad. The printouts have horizontal lines on spots on them and are too light. This may be a problem with inkjet of the Printer or a clogged print head.

    Problems while installing or configuring Printer

    You will be provided full assistance if you are facing problems while installing or configuring your HP Printer.

    Issues with Printer Drivers

    Your Drivers may be too old, corrupt or missing from the system. You will be provided assistance in upgrading and installing drivers.

    Issues in operating HP Printer

    There may be issues in operating HP Printer. It may not be functioning properly or may refuse to take commands. At times your HP Printer might show some Error Message. You may face problems in attaching HP Printer Cartridge.

    The printer stops abruptly

    Sometimes until your Printer does not stop abruptly, you are not able to predict any issue with it. You don’t receive any error Notification. Your printer may fail to address responses or give unexpected output

    Support Services

    If Your HP Printer or HP plotter at home or office is not functioning properly, then you may need a plotter repair Dubai service to resolve the problem.


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    Why Build A Prototype Before You Begin The Patent Process?

    Patents are not awarded for general ideas or concepts, they are only awarded for specific embodiments of an idea or concept. In patent law, it is very important that you understand this difference. The difference between the general concept of your invention and a specific embodiment of your invention.

    Let me give you an example.

    Let us say, for example, that you are a rocket scientist. You have been assigned the duty of solving the following problem:

    Create an invention that would allow humans to live on the moon.

    You, being a rocket scientist, will quickly realize that in order for humans to someday live on the moon, there would need to be a reliable source of oxygen so that we can breath. You would also know that the surface of the moon is constantly bombarded with solar flares from the sun. And, in fact, these solar flares are constantly depositing oxygen and other basic chemical components on the lunar surface.

    Knowing this information, you have come up with a solution to this problem. Build a machine that removes oxygen and other useful chemicals from the surface of lunar rocks.

    Problem solved.

    Now, what I have just described is the general concept of the invention. This concept, by itself, is not patentable. It is not patentable because you have not reduced this concept down to sufficient working detail that your invention can be made and used with little to no experimentation.

    Before you run off to begin the patent process, you have some more work to do. There are agencies such as InventHelp that could guide you. Read more about InventHelp on UrbanMatter.

    You need to figure out what chemicals would be required to treat the lunar rocks, and remove and transport the oxygen. You need to figure out if you need to first pulverize the lunar rocks, or if they need to be heated, and the specific equipment that you will use for each purpose.

    It is probably impractical, in this example, to actually make and test this prototype on the moon. But, it must at least be planned out with sufficient detail such that an embodiment of the invention can be created. By embodiment, I mean that there are specific structures, materials, working gears and levers that you intend to use with your oxygen making machine.

    To make this clearer, the concept of an oxygen making machine is not patentable. The specific embodiment of an oxygen making machine that has a pulverized and a chemical treatment chamber and an oxygen mixing chamber, is patentable.

    I use this example because I have performed a patent search on this subject and, indeed, there are a number of patents relating to machines that can be used to harvest oxygen from the surface of the moon.

    How can there be more than one patent for the same idea?

    Because, as I said, the general concept itself is not patentable. Each of these machines is patentable because it uses different features and processes to accomplish the same general concept. The different features and processes of each embodiment are what makes an invention patentable.

    The same rules apply to your invention, no matter how simple or complicated it may seem. If you merely have the concept for an idea, I can almost guarantee that you will find other patents directed towards that concept. That is why it is important that you prototype your invention. So that when you perform a patent search you can differentiate your invention from those that are already out there. And that is where InventHelp can help – more information about InventHelp on KansasCityMag.

    Okay, I hope that this has convinced you of the need to build a prototype so that you have an actual embodiment of your invention. And, you know how to protect your rights when you do this.

    Now, start putting together your prototype.

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    How to Freshen Up Your Brand Identity (Without Starting Over)

    Unexpected and sometimes bad things happen to every business. For example, negative comments leading to a bad online reputation. Or, sometimes your business changes with time and your brand doesn’t properly represent the “new you”.

    The good news is you don’t have to necessarily start over by getting a new name, logo, website design, marketing materials, and so on. Those costs could eventually add up to be quite significant. The truth is you have a very real chance of changing your brand’s perception without a huge expense.

    Here are a couple red flags that it’s time to refresh your brand identity:

    Your Branding is Outdated – Like LG, you want your brand name to reflect the current state of your business. Luck and Goldstar sounds like a casino or cigarette brand, but LG gives an impression of quality electronic devices (not to mention it’s much easier to remember). If it’s been several years since you’ve evaluated your brand name and image, it’s time to give it a look and see if updating could help.

    You’re Prepping to Grow – If you’re deliberately planning significant growth, then consider freshening up your brand. Check out your colors and the products and services you offer and determine whether your brand identity logically represents them. If your current brand name can’t be easily changed, you can always add a more descriptive tagline to your logo to help your customers better understand your updated service offering.

    Your Target Market has Shifted – If you initially started serving 35-year-old men 10 years ago, and now they’re in their mid-40s, they probably won’t respond as well to the same messaging. Consider your current market as well as new prospects and give your brand’s messaging a refresh to attract more interest.

    Brand Refresh Action Items

    Of course we’re not going to leave you without any advice you can use to begin refreshing your brand. Here are some ideas of what you could do if you’ve decided a brand refresh is appropriate:

    Research Your Market First

    What does your market really want to hear and see?

    Do simple things like sending out a survey to your e-mail newsletter list, offering brief phone surveys, or engaging in dialogue with clients you see in person. You may not have a massive research budget, but if you make time you can learn a lot about your market and fine-tune your message and identity through these simple methods.

    Consider Implementing a New Marketing Tactic

    Your business may or may not benefit from gamification, but a new marketing tactic could attract significant attention. Gamification is when you make participating in your business similar to a video game (customers get points for buying certain products, for example).

    You don’t have to gamify if you don’t think it’s appropriate, but don’t be afraid to try something new and innovative to change the perception of the identity of your brand.

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    How To Use Business Management Tools To Enhance Profitability

    Business management tools can make a huge difference to your business. From developing your overall business strategy to working out how to organize your workplace communications, tools and software can enhance the day to day running of your operation. In many businesses operating on thin profit margins, this can make the difference between a small profit and a loss. There are very few areas of a modern business which will not benefit from some application of business management tools.

    Developing an overall business strategy can give your business a much needed focus in trying and difficult circumstances. Knowing your overall strategy is vital in deciding which projects are going to best enhance your prospects of success. The best initial step to take is to write down where your business is now, and exactly where you would like it to be. When you have done this, you can begin to work out the steps which can take your business from one to the other. This can be carried out by a small group, or it can be done in consultation with all managers within the business as described in this Michael Valentin artikler.

    There is a trend in modern business of getting people from all ranks within a company to take part in the decision making process. This is a positive development. Even if someone is just asked for their opinion on one specific area of the business which affects them personally, they will still feel a lot more involved than they would otherwise have done. This can only be good for morale, and helps the whole company develop a greater sense of togetherness.

    Business management tools can also play a great part in the effective deployment of business management resources. These resources include the skills of every employee in the organization, as well as the working hours they have available to them. By allocating these resources effectively, the entire profitability of the organization can be enhanced. It is also possible, using effective tools, to determine the training needs of key personnel, so that they can be moved to the right department at the right time.

    Business management tools can play a major part in enhancing the effectiveness of communications within the organization. Depending on the type of business environment in which you work, it can be critical to ensure that communications are sent and received in real time. Being able to effectively deal with these is one of the keys to making many businesses work. A stack of unanswered emails, or telephones which go unanswered, can lead to ongoing losses, and even the loss of important clients. It also gives a huge lift to the morale in any organization if the workload is consistently kept up to date, and people are finishing work on time with everything completed. This is possible with effective use of business management tools.

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    Solar Panels for Your Home

    Have you heard about the new rage with homeowners? Whether you’ve heard the term solar energy or solar panels, it’s all the same thing. When you get solar panels for your home, you’re making the switch to clean solar energy to power your house. It’s more than just a trend or a “new rage,” however. Solar energy is gaining attention because of two basic reasons: it works and it saves money. A lot of money.

    So why get solar? If you’re just learning about the solar energy movement, then you’ve probably got a lot of questions. First of all, what is solar energy? And how does it work? To compare it to another object you’re familiar with, think of your house like a giant plant. A plant lives and grows and does what a plant does by stretching out its leaves to catch the rays of the sun. Plants soak up the sun and convert it into food and energy in the process you know as photosynthesis.

    So, imagine your house working the same way. Instead of pretty green leaves, your house has (or will soon have) solar panels. The solar panels soak up the sun rays and then in a very modern and technologically advanced process, your home will convert the energy of the sun into energy for your home. That energy can be used to power your furnace, your air conditioning, your oven, your microwave, your lamps, and really just about anything that needs power. Only, instead of paying for all that energy to come from a power plant, you’re mostly just using the sun.

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    Do You Need a Gum Graft

    Your gums frame your teeth, and also provide a strong foundation for your smile. Healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth. With proper care and routine dental visits, you can enjoy optimal gum health for years to come. If your gum tissue is thin or pulling away from the teeth, it can expose the teeth roots and compromise your overall oral health.
    For most patients, anxiety ensues if a dentist recommends a gum graft. It certainly doesn’t sound like much fun. To be honest, tissue grafts have not earned a favorable reputation in years past. However, with advances in technology and techniques, receiving a gum graft is easier now than ever before. Here, we will explore gum grafting, and discuss when it is necessary, what type of grafts are available, and how the procedure is performed.

    About Gum Recession

    Gum recession is quite common and can be caused by a couple of different reasons as you can read from this article – How to treat gum disease. First and foremost, there is an undeniable genetic factor. Chances are, if you have an immediate family member who has recession, you have it too. This type of recession can worsen gradually over time, almost going unnoticed. That is why routine dental examinations are so important. If your dentist detects recession early on, the treatment required to repair it will be less invasive. Trauma can also cause gum recession. For example, if you are hit in the mouth, the gum tissue may tear or become damaged. Finally, recession can be a byproduct of periodontal disease. When periodontitis advances, the gums have a tendency to pull away from the teeth. This is because the underlying bone has been damaged by infection. The gums follow the bone level. Therefore, if there is bone loss, recession will be present.

    When is a Gum Graft Necessary?

    In many cases, dental issues can trigger a domino effect. Mild recession may cause tooth sensitivity and some slight discomfort, due to the exposed roots. However, if the recession continues to worsen, the exposed teeth roots can have a negative impact on the underlying jawbone. When your recession begins to affect other aspects of your oral health, it is time to consider gum grafting.

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    Searching for office rentals

    Traveling from state to state or continent to continent for your business can be tiring. When you are at your hotel, you want that to be a restful time, you do not want to have to think about work when you are there. If you do not have regular offices in each of your business locations, then you may run into the problem of having to work out of your hotel and even meet in the hotel conference rooms. You may want to look into an office rental as a possible option to take away some of the stress you may currently be under.

    There are certain considerations as you look into office rental as an option in Singapore. If you have a fairly small business and you do not meet with very many people at each location, then you may just want an office that has a small table in it with an adjoining restroom that includes the paper and soap products. If some of your locations have more clients, you can prepare separately for those.

    If you are unable to find a national company that deals in office rental, you may have to find local companies in each are of your travels. To cut down on costs, you should look at the time you usually spend in each location. Those places that you only spend one or two days, you may be able to handle these in the hotel, but if you spend three to five, you may want to consider cheap office space for rent in Singapore for that area.

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    Heating Systems

    Heating systems are becoming an essential commodity in many modern houses. Homeowners are now particular on how they heat their homes. In the past, heating through fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, boiler and heat pumps require the use of wood source but now, heating systems are utilized. These systems are much efficient and convenient to use compared with conventional thermal sources.

    A heating system is an excellent means to control the temperature inside a building at a comfortable certain level. Air or water is heated by a heating element, and the heat produced is transported throughout the structure. With the system of ducts or ductwork, heat is carried along and circulated inside every room. The heating system installed in residential or industrial buildings is commonly an integral component of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

    heating equipments

    When purchasing a heating system, the decision is up to the homeowner. However, consulting a HVAC Service Snellville GA contractor first regarding the options available and determining which among them is ideal for your heating need are the best ways to ensure ending up with the best deal. Heating system contractors can install, repair and maintain your heating units. Additionally, they retail and service ductwork and heating system related equipment.

    In choosing the right contractor, opt for a competent one with a proper state license and carries in him their company’s accountability insurance. Choose a contractor that is well-mannered, prompt and exhibits skills and knowledge on heating systems. Also, go with a reliable heating system contractor that prioritizes your comfort and is more concerned in ensuring your satisfaction rather than the costs.

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    What You Should Know When Employing Dumpster Rental Services

    There are things that you need to know before hiring a company that offers dumpster rental services. You need to understand that different companies offer different rates as well as quality of service offered. You should avoid giving your trust to the first company without checking the others first.

    There are many firms that offer this type of service so you have a lot of options. As a consumer, it is necessary to choose only the best. In order to do this properly, you have to take your time in searching for a reliable service provider. You have to make use of different sources in order to make your searching endeavors easier.

    Here are some of the mediums that you can utilize:

    • Internet
    • Friends
    • Family members
    • Co-workers
    • Local information centers
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Radios
    • Televisions
    • Local phone directories

    Mentioned above are only some of the things that you can use. You need to ask questions before hiring a company that offers this type of service. Here are some examples that you should know: What if the date I need to container changes? How far in advance do I need to order? How do I chance or cancel an order? Is emergency delivery available? What if I need a large container? Is the service available twenty-four hours?

    bins for your home or business

    Above mentioned are just some of the queries that you have to ask. Make sure to ask them the correct questions so that you will be able to know whether or not the company is the right one for you. You can include more questions if you want too. Because the more questions you ask, then the better. You might also consider writing the questions on paper just in case you tend to forget something.

    So when you have determined the correct rental company like DumpSquad, then the next thing that you have to do is to know the right size of the dumpster that you want to utilize. Here are two choices that you can choose from: Front-load: This is the type that is mainly used by the small companies or firms. Roll-off: This is the type of container that is available in various sizes and is commonly used to hold large trash volumes.

    Are you looking for a reliable, professional company to assist you in removing all the trash and rubbish from your home or business? Whenever you are searching for disposal bins for your home or business, DumpSquad.ca can assure you that their commercial or residential options are the best in the area.