Picking Your Dog Up From The Grooming Shop

It’s time to pick up your dog from the grooming shop. What should you look for?

When you return to the shop to pick up your dog, how does he react? Does he seem sluggish and miserable, or alert and ecstatic to see you? Obviously, you want to see a happy dog.

If your dog appears sluggish, it could mean that he was mistreated or that he was given a sedative. A dog should never be given a sedative unless it was prescribed specifically for him by a vet. If your dog is so difficult during a grooming session that he must be sedated in order to complete the job, the groomer should notify you so that you can take him to your vet for the proper dosage of sedative for his weight. The sedative should be given to him at home about 1/2 hour before his next appointment with the groomer.

Now, spend a few minutes looking at your dog. Check the dog’s skin for nicks, brush burn, and razor burn. Does the dog smell clean? Does the hair style meet your expectations? If not, ask the groomer to make any corrections right then and there. There are a lot of pet grooming midtown Miami shops to choose from. So if you are not satisfied you should look for another one.

Don’t be too picky about the style, though. The fact that the dog is clean, unharmed, and happy is much more important than how the style looks. In most cases, it takes 2 or 3 subsequent groomings for the groomer to achieve the “look” you have in mind for your dog. (As mentioned earlier, bringing a photo helps.)

Now is the time to discuss with your groomer how to best maintain your dog’s coat between appointments. Find out how often she thinks your dog needs a full grooming and if she recommends bringing him in at times just for a bath and ‘touch-up.’ If you like to give your dog an occasional bath at home, ask her how often she feels it can be done without drying out your dog’s coat and skin. Also, ask her to recommend the proper brush, comb, and shampoo for your dog’s particular coat.

If your initial experience was a pleasant one for you and your pet, you’ve found a groomer who you’ll hopefully have a relationship with for many years. Whenever possible, it’s always best to have the same person groom your dog each time. The groomer becomes familiar with your dogs behavior and he becomes familiar with the groomer and the shop, making it a much less stressful experience for him.

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