United States Patent Lawyers – Helping Clients Protect Their Ideas

The United States has long been known for its never-ending innovation. Regardless of whether the domestic economy is booming or suffering, people have ideas that are worth bringing to market, but that should only be done if those ideas are properly protected. There are ways to protect ideas so that they remain the property of the person who originally formulated them, but in order to make sure that this protection is obtained properly, any entrepreneur, inventor or innovator should seek the help of a patent, copyright and/or trademark agency or attorney.

Below is a look at the types of help a patenting firm, such as InventHelp, provides to those who seek it.

Patent Help

Patents can be sought for almost any type of idea, and the InventHelp patent services has provided help to clients who are just getting started in the business world, to corporate entities that are well-established and looking to take the next step and for anyone with a valid idea that needs help with a Patent, Copyright, or Trademark filing.

Patent applications/Filing process – A patent application is a legal document when approved is printed as a patent.

Types of Patents

The firm has helped clients seek and obtain the following types of patents:

  • Medical patents
  • Bio/Pharma patents
  • Software patents
  • Electronic patents
  • Business method patents
  • Mechanical patents
  • Chemical patents

Of course, there are other types of patents in existence, but the list above represents the most common types.

How to Proceed

If you are considering pursuing protection for your ideas or your brand, or you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, you need to contact the intellectual property attorneys at Law Offices today to schedule an initial consultation.


The United States continues to innovate on a large scale, and the InventHelp patent agency provides help with clients who need help with patents, the patent registration process, bio/pharma patents, software patents, electronic patents, business method patents, mechanical patents and chemical patents. The firm also provides help with registration and prosecution of trademark and copyright issues, so contact them today to schedule an initial consultation.

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