Inexpensive Maui Activities

There are millions of things to do on your Maui vacation. Prices can add up so as you’re scheduling your daily activities you might want to consider adding some of these inexpensive Maui activities. Just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t make them any less fun or exciting. In fact, these cheap activities can be even more fun because you can do them on your own, without a tour guide or a group of strangers. So get your planner out and experience some of Maui’s finest activities, without having to worry about your pocketbook.

Maui Snorkeling

One of the most popular activities to do on a vacation to Maui is enjoy an underwater paradise on a snorkeling excursion. Some of the best snorkeling the world has to offer can be done right off the coast of Maui. You’ll experience brilliant colors and catch a glimpse of many of the over 700 types of fish swimming in Maui’s brilliant waters. Snorkeling tours and excursions by boat with a guided tour can be a little pricey. But to enjoy an inexpensive snorkeling trip all you need is a mask a snorkel and a map of the best places to go. You can purchase your own gear or rent gear from one of the many local dive shops. Some places will rent gear for as little as $10 a week. So pick your favorite local beach or cove and you can take in the wonders of Maui’s waters without wondering where all your money went.

Maui Whale Watching

Another of Maui’s most popular activities is whale watching. You’ll get a chance to see these magnificent creatures first hand as they swim in the warm and safe waters of Maui’s harbors and coves. Whales swim over 3500 miles to Maui from Alaska to give birth to their calves. You’ll have an experience like no other when you see enormous humpback whales on your whale watching tour. One of the popular tours is Lahaina whale watching tour. While a whale watching tour does need to be guided you can find numerous places that offer an inexpensive 2 hour tour for as little as $15 a person. Many places also guarantee a whale sighting or your second tour is free.

Maui Hiking

A hiking trip is a great way to view and experience much of the beauty and uniqueness of Hawaii without spending a dime. Whether you’re looking for a physically adventurous trip or a more relaxed walking trip, Maui has an assortment of places and atmospheres in which to hike. Haleakala Crater National Park offers 27 miles of hiking trails with a majestic view of Haleakala’s summit. An early morning hike gives you a chance to see a magnificent sunrise over the crater as well. If you prefer a view of the ocean and a stroll in the sand, Maui has miles and miles of white sand beaches that are great for an inexpensive morning activity. Visit places like the Seven Sacred Pools or Iao Valley for a beautiful hike through tropical rainforests with stops at magnificent waterfalls. Make sure you bring your walking shoes and a camera for an unforgettable, and inexpensive, hiking trip.

Maui Scenic Drive

The only money you’ll spend is on gas and all you’ll need to bring is lunch, a map, and a camera for this inexpensive Maui activity. Take in some of the best sights that Maui has to offer on a magnificent scenic drive. One of the most popular drives in Maui is on the Road to Hana. This winding road with over six hundred curves will take you on an all-day excursion of the eastern end of Maui. You’ll need to leave early and won’t get back until after dark, but you’ll be able to experience some of the most magnificent scenery in Maui. You’ll catch a glimpse of waterfalls, rainforests, and pineapple fields. At the end of it all you’ll also get to experience some Hawaiian culture in the little village of Hana. The West Maui Circle is another drive worth trying. On this narrow path that circles the West Maui Mountains you will be able to stop for marvelous views of lava formations and tall cliffs. But drive carefully as both of these drives take you on steep and winding roads.

A Day at a Maui Beach

Probably the most inexpensive activity you’ll do on your vacation in Maui, because it’s absolutely free, is spend a day at the beach. With some of the best sandy beaches and beautiful blue water around you could easily spend a whole day relaxing, swimming, and soaking up some rays in the bright Maui sun. Pack a picnic lunch, your sunscreen, and your boogie board and leave your checkbook behind for a wonderful day of lying in the sand and playing in the waves.

These are just a few of the many inexpensive Maui activities that you’ll definitely want to fit into your vacation schedule. If you are also planning some more expensive excursions you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead and book your activities through an activity center. This can save on the cost of your activity and agencies many times offer coupons for discounts on other activities. While on your vacation there will be so much to see and so many wonderful things to do. If you want to go home with some cash in your pocket don’t forget there are a multitude of fun, inexpensive things to do in Maui, too.

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