Visiting Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941, the Honolulu navy port of Pearl Harbor was surprise attacked by Japanese bombers who dropped hundreds of explosives to effectively cripple the United States Pacific fleet. Although not all of the ported ships were hit, sunken boats in the entrance to the harbor prevented the Navy from carrying out offensives in the World War II battle with the Japanese Empire. With such a historical significance, Pearl Harbor is an absolutely essential place to visit. While there isn’t a Hawaii vacation rental home near the harbor, the attraction can be easily reached either from Waikiki or the North Shore, both of which are no more than a twenty to thirty minute drive away. There are some really great Pearl Harbor Tours and tickets are not expensive.

The USS Arizona is most likely the most popular attraction at Pearl Harbor. The memorial that sits atop the sunken ship marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors killed during the attack. Visitors arrive at a landside informational center that includes displays and exhibits as well as a video film that provides historical background and guidelines for visits to the actual memorial. Boats operated by the navy shuttle visitors to and from the memorial constantly throughout the day. The harbor also features the USS Missouri, better known as “Mighty Mo”. The ship was the signing place of the final treaty between the United States and Japan. Also ported as a museum next to the USS Arizona is the submarine, USS Bowfin. It is often forgotten by tourists who don’t have time to see all of the different places at Pearl Harbor.

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