Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is nothing but promoting, selling your products/services through online. The ultimate goal of a business is to sell products/services by taking help of various methods, tools. Traditional marketing is the method used earlier but now Digital marketing is replacing it.

Presently the majority of the world population uses internet which made the companies find their target audience easily and make online strategies to promote their products and services.

Traditional marketing is the method used earlier but now Digital marketing is replacing it as you can see from MERKKIT. Trust me companies are taking Digital Marketing very seriously. Companies are allocating up to 45% of their budget for digital marketing in 2020 and it will increase to 50% till 2024.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a technique of attracting traffic to your website by various methods. The ultimate goal of a company is to rank their website on the first page in Google search engine. The Digital marketer diagnoses the website of the company/Client and highlights the loopholes of the website and why it is not getting ranked or not appearing in search engines. The diagnosis of the website is called Web Audit.

The Digital marketer gives solution and increases the digital outreach of the website. His/her ultimate goal is to optimize the website in such a manner that the company’s website appears in search engine whenever a query regarding the products/services of the company is asked.

There are two types of SEO :

  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Off Page SEO Optimization

Mostly the optimization is done with the help of many tools which we will talk in detail in my next post.


Having a Blog is very vital for every company at present. A Blog is an Information or discussion which is published on a website. The activity of updating the Blog is called Blogging.

  • How to attract traffic to your blog?
  • How to make the content attractive?

Many such questions will arise in your mind and you as a Digital Marketer should provide solution to it.

Generally, Blogs are written on particular topics. It is generally written on the topics which the Blogger is specialized in. The Blogs should be informative in nature or should provide some value to the reader. If the value part is missing then the reader will not come next time when you publish your post. The Blogger should have a skill of storytelling by which he/she can attract viewers to read the blog.

Social Media Marketing

It is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. Social media platforms are used to post the companies product and service information. The companies use Social media platforms for product awareness and for branding purpose. The latest happenings in the company or any achievements earned by the company are also posted in the social media. So the Digital marketer is responsible to attract traffic to the company’s page and make them participate in that campaign.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is used for marketing a business by using paid advertisements on SERP (Search engine Result pages). SEM is used to increase the visibility of a website in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you refer any product to buy online and that particular product is purchased on your recommendations, it is called Affiliate Marketing. You will be getting the commission on that. This is a one way of promoting their products and cutting the cost of advertisements. People become the promoter of the company whom they take this affiliate program. It is an old method of marketing but very powerful.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is basically promoting your products or services by sending emails to your target audience. If used properly by customizing your email then it’s a very effective way of getting customers. But people purchase the email list and start sending bulk emails which are called spamming. I think you also get enough emails about offers, deals relating to various products. Bulk emailing will never work and sometimes the users may also block your email-id if you spam continuously.

So each and every method should be executed in a smart way by hiring the good digital marketing agency like FeagleMarketingHub.com.

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