What is depression

Many people will describe depression as living in a total world of darkness. Sometimes may state that they have a feeling of a commencing doom. Many depressed people don’t feel lonely at all, but they may fell worthless living in a meaningless life, empty and apathetic. For male depressed person, they may execute feeling of angry, aggressiveness and restlessness in which case it is advisable to seek help on anger management.

There are different signs and symptoms that are observed for diagnosing depression. These typical symptoms include inability to have better sleep pattern. People who sleep too much or too less is a form of sleeping pattern disturbances; Inability to concentrate or focus with certain object or easy task is another symptom manifested by a depressed patient. Feeling hopeless and helpless to some situations which are easily managed; inability to control the negative ideas no matter how hard the person can deal with it; absence of regular appetite or excessive eating of large amount of food is considered as a manifestation of a depressed person.

Another symptom that is carefully observed in diagnosing depression is the behavior of the person which is irritable, being short-tempered and aggressive compare to the normal way of living. Involving to any unhealthy activities which are reckless such as consuming great amount of alcoholic beverages; and most of all an ideation of suicide is very common to depressed person.

Eventually, these manifestations can be more pronounced if the person is in the state of severe depression. The most important way to intervene this situation is to have someone who will stay at the side of the patient. Direct confrontation of the person regarding the suicide ideation should be done. Therapeutic communications which are both verbal and non-verbal are very important tool in dealing with depressed patient.

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