Indoor Rabbit Hutch

When buying an indoor rabbit hutch try to buy the biggest one that you can buy that way your bunny will have more room to play and sleep . This is one subject to consider particularly if you are thinking about leaving your rabbit pet in his or her cage for most of the time . One suggestion to go by when buying an indoor rabbit hutch is to get a hutch that is at least 4 times the size of the rabbit you own . If you have a bunny then think of how big he or she will be when he or she is adult , then you get one that is 4 times that size .

So simply the size of the rabbit hutch depends on the size of your rabbit . If you have a small rabbit your cage will not be as big as someone who owns an 8 lb rabbit. The height of the rabbit cage should let the rabbit stand up straight without his head touching the top of the cage as described on CriticsRant blog. All of this is also up to your choice .

Another thing to think about is the toys you would like to keep inside the rabbit hutch . There are different things you need to have inside the hutch and some you can pick on your own. For example you have to have the area for the rabbit to go to the bathroom and the food space as well as the water dispenser . Now some people like to place ramps and different kinds of rabbit toys in the hutch and if this is your choice , then consider of this when buying the right size of indoor rabbit hutch.

Comfort is also something to think about , because there are a few factors that can affect that. A lot of hutches come with a wire floors , which if you think about it is not comfortable at all for your rabbit . There are different things to do about it if you own a wire floor indoor rabbit hutch. some simply put newspaper on top of the wire and change it when they need to . This makes it just smoother for the bunny’s feet. Another thing that you could do is to put plywood on top of the wire floor and then place some newspaper on top. If you want more ideas to fix the issue then you can search online for more ideas . Now, if you are still researching for the appropriate indoor rabbit hutch then just pick one that does not have a wire flooring and issue solved.

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