Importance Of Great Content

With great content comes visitors, visitors become customers, and your website traffic and customer base will continue to grow and achieve great things for your business.

You’ve taken recommendations, you’ve developed yourself a blog and are creating content for your readers. As long as you are blogging for the right reasons, this is going to serve you well into the future. What are the right reasons? Take a look at our advice for the top 10 elements that go into a great blog post.

Care about your readers

Your readers come to your blog for guidance and information. Ensure you are giving them what they want by providing feedback to any questions they may have. There is nothing less appealing than when a question or query is asked on a company’s social platforms and is not responded to within 48 hours. Customers want a company they can trust.

Search Engine Optimization

Know your audience and Create Content that they will Love

Don’t create content your readers don’t care about. This is surely the quickest way to turn away potential customers. If our readers are coming to our site looking for SEO and online marketing information, the last thing they want to read about is something completely unrelated to this. Give your readers what they want.

Be consistent

Set yourself a goal to create and upload 2-3 blog posts per week, and maintain this number. Even if you do not have time to churn out this many posts, stick to 1-2. The main thing is to be consistent; your visitors will begin to expect a certain number of posts each week.

Be yourself

Your personality and the personality of your brand can shine through your blog easier than you would think. Let this happen naturally and your customers will thank you for it.

Be engaging – through Social Media

Respond to your readers not just through engaging content but also by responding to any questions or comments they have made across your social media platforms. 80% of your posts should be social, save the ‘sell, sell, sell’ sort of posts to avoid annoying (and losing) your site visitors.

Quality over quantity

Despite some advice you may get, don’t believe in buying followers. Yes, it may be appealing to have thousands and thousands of ‘likes’, but if they aren’t engaging with you, they are next to useless. Focus on entertaining and maintaining your followers.

Publishing schedule

Create a publishing schedule, and stick to it. This way everyone will know when and what is being published, at what point during the week. This sort of structure is a great way to ensure consistency.

Ask for feedback

Not sure if you are writing what your customers want to hear? Ask for some response from your visitors or customers. From here, adjust your content to ensure maximum satisfaction from customers.

Be informative but interesting

This one is pretty self explanatory, and basically sums up what we are seeing about creating content. Content should be three things – informative, interesting, and relevant. Stick to these and you have created a winning inbound marketing strategy.

Where to go from Here?

Are you ready to take your content and digital marketing strategy to the next level? There is no better way to do this than by contacting a digital marketing agency, such as Digitrio, who are all about creating winning digital strategies that propel businesses to the top of Google.

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