Diversifying Your Etsy Portfolio

When it comes to owning a small business online you are faced with many options that can seem overwhelming or sometimes pointless. While some are a waste of time diversifying is immensely important.

By diversify I mean creating a network of sites around your Etsy shop. Not only will this make your Etsy shop rise higher in the search results because of the linking and backlinks but you will also be safe guarding you time and money as you can see from this What to sell on Etsy to make money post.

Lets dig a little deeper. By creating your own website for your product you will have a stable platform that is 100% yours to promote, blog and link. By linking to your etsy shop from your own website you are basically telling Google “Look! This Etsy shop is so popular that people are linking to it from outside on the Internet!” This is extremely beneficial and ties into creating a “link wheel”.

So the benefits so far from creating your own website that links to your Etsy is:

1. Self Promotion
3. Gathering a fan base through Blogging.

Find a good company to do it for you or make one yourself. By linking to your Etsy shop from your website you also don’t have to worry about setting up a payment gateway or bouncing back and forth fulfilling orders.

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