Can I Work with InventHelp If My Invention Is Already Patented?

The journey of invention never stops at just obtaining a patent. After all, having a patent in possession is just the beginning of your innovation journey. So, if you have recently received a patent and are wondering “Can I Work with InventHelp If I Already Have a Patent?“, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes.’

InventHelp is committed to helping individual inventors or businesses navigate the complex path of taking an invention to the marketplace, irrespective of their stage in the invention process. This includes those who have already secured a patent for their innovative product or idea.

InventHelp: More Than Just Patent Services

While many associate InventHelp primarily with services related to obtaining patents, the reality is that InventHelp offers a range of services that extend far beyond just the patenting process. How will I benefit from using InventHelp?

Their comprehensive suite of services are designed to empower inventors through the following steps:

  • Prototype Creation: InventHelp can assist inventors in creating a prototype of their product. Getting a prototype is a critical step in the invention process as it gives physical form to an inventor’s idea, helping them to refine its design and functionality.
  • Product Packaging and Design: InventHelp works with inventors to create eye-catching product packaging, making inventions ready for the shelves and appealing to potential buyers.
  • Marketing Support: InventHelp helps inventors develop their marketing strategies. Their team can provide guidance on target audience identification, competitive analysis, pricing strategies, promotional materials and more.
  • Licensing Representation: InventHelp’s licensing professionals can help inventors identify potential licensees for their patented product or idea.

Post-Patent Support

Even after receiving a patent, inventors may encounter many complexities on the road to successful market entry. InventHelp can guide inventors through these post-patenting stages providing services such as licensing negotiation, marketing strategy and prototype refinement.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re nurturing an idea or have been awarded a patent already, InventHelp is prepared to help. The journey of patenting is just one phase of an invention’s life cycle. With InventHelp, inventors are equipped with the necessary tools, advice, and support to move from the documentation phase on to production, licensing, and, ultimately, launch.

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