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    Guidelines for Routine HIV Testing

    The guidelines for when to test for HIV are pretty straightforward. In short, the CDC recommends that all sexually active adolescents and adults take an HIV test at least once a year. Annual HIV testing can be performed quickly and conveniently along with At Home STD Test Kits. In fact, some HIV tests only take 20 minutes for results so HIV testing has never been easier.

    While everyone should have an annual HIV test administered, certain high risk sub-groups should be screened more often. When to test for HIV varies based on one’s specific behavior, but high risk demographics should test about every three to six months.

    These groups include the following:

    • Men who have sex with other men
    • Anyone who has sex for money
    • Those engaging in high-risk, sexual behaviors
    • Anyone who may have been exposed to HIV
    • Drug users

    Those wondering when to test for HIV after a potential exposure must wait enough time for antibodies to develop. Experts recommend waiting three months after an exposure for the most accurate results. If you are testing with a PCR test, accurate results can be obtained as early as 10 days post-exposure.

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    The Vegan Food Pyramid to Get the Best Nutrition from a Vegetarian Meal Diet

    A vegan food pyramid is useful to plan an optimal vegetarian meal plan as it gives a good idea about the quantity of foods, as well as the kinds of food that are required to uphold the nutrient levels in your body. The base of the pyramid represents greatest requirement, decreasing as the food groups approach the apex of the pyramid. Let’s have a deeper look into it:

    Whole grains: They include bread, cereals, pasta, brown rice, millet, barley, oats, etc. and form the base of the food pyramid

    Vegetables: They include greens, which are rich in folate and fiber, as well as vegetables that are rich in calcium. It is best to include them raw and fresh, and consume them as salads or juice. They occupy the level next to the whole grains in the vegan food pyramid.

    Fruits: You should include a variety of fruits as they supply plenty of vitamin C. You can eat strawberries, mangoes, papaya, citrus fruits, etc. so that a good variety is contained in your diet. Fruits occupy the level above the vegetables in the pyramid.

    Legumes: They include beans, peas, etc. and supply the essential minerals and protein for your body. Soymilk and tofu are also important. Legumes occupy the position above fruits in the food pyramid chart.

    Dairy products: They consist of milk, cheese, curds, etc. and occupy the place above legumes in your food pyramid.

    Fatty acids and other vitamins: They include omega3s and vitamins B12 and D. You can take supplements or alternatives, such as plant based meat to obtain them. You can take canola oil, flax oil, walnuts and supplements. This category of food occupies the position above the dairy products in the food pyramid.

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    Famous Inventions – How Did We Live Without Them

    It is common knowledge that inventions are designed to make a positive difference to our lives. Talking about differences, some famous inventions have been able to change the way we live and communicate forever.

    Imagine the utility value and convenience of an answering machine. When there is nobody at home, this inanimate object called the telephone diligently takes all the messages and plays it back for you, so that you are always in touch, and never miss a call. Hasn’t this made our lives more comfortable? If you have an idea like this there are companies that will provide help for your invention and guide you in the process.

    According to history, a Danish telephone engineer called Valdemar Poulsen(1869-1942), patented an apparatus, which he called a telegraphone in 1898. This wondrous gadget was the first magnetic sound recording and reproduction instrument. It not only recorded telephone conversations on a wire by the varying magnetic fields produced by sound, the wire could also play back the sound. This triggered Willy Muller, to invent the first automatic answering machine in 1935.

    This was a machine which was three feet tall and used by Orthodox Jews, who were not allowed to answer the phone on the Sabbath. The first answering machine sold commercially in the US was the Ansafone, invented by Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto for Phonetel. This was early 1960. There have been numerous improvements and remodeling and today we have the most modern answering machines in our homes.

    Another famous invention which has become part of our daily lives is the invention of the voice mail. Credit for this goes to Gordon Matthews, who patented it in 1979. Known as the ‘father of voice mail’, Gordon Matthews was the founder of the VMX Company in Dallas and sold the first voice mail system to 3M.

    There are many famous inventions which are attributed to more than one inventor. This is the case with the invention of the Automatic Teller Machines (ATM). While Don Wetzel invented the first successful and modern ATM in the USA, he was not the first inventor of the ATM. In 1939, an inventor named Luther George Simjian, started patenting a rather unsuccessful version of the ATM

    Any modern shopping mall or supermarket would be paralyzed without this next famous invention. Can you guess what it could be? It is the bar code. This is a method for automatic identification and subsequent data collection, used not only by malls and markets, but giant industries as well. The first patent for a bar code type product was issued in 1952, to inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver. The original Bernard and Silver bar code was like a ‘bull’s eye’ made up of a number of concentric circles. You can get help for your invention from patenging agencies like InventHelp as you can read from this InventHelp review.

    First commercially used in 1966, the bar code lacked any industry standard. By 1970, a company called Logicon Inc., wrote the Grocery Products Identification Code or UGPIC, which later evolved into the U.P.C symbol set or the Universal Product Code, which is still used in the United States. The credit for the invention of the U.P.C. in 1973 goes to George J. Laurer.

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    Do You Need Help With Your Invention

    Every inventor, at one point or another, has at least fleeting thoughts of hitting the mother lode with their invention idea. I have met and spoken with countless inventors over the years and they all thought the world just didn’t get it.

    Maybe that’s true, but if you want to be a successful and profitable inventor than you have to have invention ideas that the world either wants or needs. In order for your invention to be worth millions, it has to be something that people will pay for. Be honest, what is unique about your invention and will people give you money for it?

    Bringing a new invention idea to market costs money. Some new inventors are able to bootstrap their inventions and pay for them out of their pocket. Most new inventors seek invention capital to develop a prototype, complete testing, or market and sell their invention idea. Agencies like InventHelp can help you in the process.

    Getting money from the wrong sources can be the kiss of death for your dreams. The wrong money can be very costly in both financial and personal terms. Look before you leap and find out the pros and cons before you sign.

    The common mistake that most new inventors make is not understanding where to go for invention help. There are many firms and services such as InventHelp that will help new inventor.

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    Emergency Plumber Sydney

    Plumbers in Sydney are available for 24 hour emergency plumbing services to any residential, commercial or industrial property.

    When do you need an emergency plumber Sydney?

    A blocked toilet, blocked drain, broken water pipe or storm water drainage problem is when you should consider calling in emergency plumbers Sydney.

    Leaving an emergency plumber job for the next day could end up costing you much more in the long run.

    However, sometimes people call an emergency plumber when they actually needed an electrician.

    Flooding caused by a faulty electrical switch may look like it’s a plumbing problem but is in fact an electrical problem.

    Some emergency plumbers in Sydney have a restricted electrical licence which allows them to make minor electrical repairs, but in most cases you will need to call an electrician.

    It is important to analyse the problem carefully before calling an emergency plumber in Sydney.

    That way you can clearly explain the problem over the phone and the emergency plumber may give you a solution over the phone and avoid a call out to your property.

    If you are concerned about the cost of calling out an emergency plumber Sydney you should request the plumber’s fees before he drives to your premises.

    There are many emergency plumbers Sydney and their fees vary.

    Some emergency plumbers in Sydney will charge a call out fee just to arrive at the site and if they do nothing this call out fee will still be payable.

    Other emergency plumbers don’t charge a call out fee and will only charge for the work done to repair the problem.

    Most emergency plumbers in Sydney are understanding of different people’s situations and will usually accommodate this.

    You should always use the services of a fully licenced emergency plumber Sydney.

    Never do it yourself or use a home handyman.

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    Do You Want to Get a Nice iPhone Cheap?

    If you are looking for good savings on consumer electronics, then refurbished goods can be the best solution for you. Read on to know more about them. Have you ever seen a website that offers a cheap iPhone? While this sounds too good to be true, there are many retailers that offer the latest branded models with very heavy discounts.

    How is this possible? These are gadgets that have undergone something called refurbishment, which is a kind of makeover and sometimes fall into the same category. Refurbishing is servicing a product that has been rejected on certain grounds so that it looks and works like brand new. In fact, there really is no distinction between a refurbished gadget and one that is brand new one. The difference can be spotted in the product description that comes with the gadget.

    So whats the big deal about used iPhones and other refurbished electronics? They are just as good as new ones but don’t cost you as much. A fancier way to explain refurbished goods is the management of goods that have reached the end of their product life. The difference with refurbished goods is that they have been tested by certified servicing agents to ensure that they are completely free from defects. This is the guarantee that you will not get with used products.

    There are many dealers from which you can buy refurbished iPhones Canada and other refurbished goods such as laptops, computers, home appliances, smartphones and accessories. A lot of electrical appliances become obsolete before they complete half of their lifetime, this is mostly because technology moves at a very fast pace.

    Another reason why refurbished goods is because there are a number of people that cannot afford that very best that technology has to offer owing to the cost factor. Marketers have managed to bridge this gap by selling refurbished products to consumers after they have been put through various stress tests, authentication, certification and finally the addition of warranty. This entire package is sold at a much lower cost those goods that are refurbished cannot be sold as brand new.

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    Best International School

    In a growing global community, more and more people are leaving their native countries to find better business opportunities abroad. Given the differences it rates of currency, regional needs, culture, language, and untapped opportunities, opportunities for growth no longer need to be found on one’s home island. For single business people, travelling is a challenge and does not present any sort of problem whatsoever. But for young families with children, the children’s education is something to be considered when the family uproots itself to settle in another country.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of schools in Cambodia, such as the Invictus International School, that cater to the international community and present curriculums that rival even the best of what America and the UK has to offer. The best international school however, is still a title that has yet to be awarded to a specific school by an accredited body of international educators. But if one truly needed to know, there are plenty of schools that have been accredited by the IBO and these schools offer the best in the British curriculum with the added benefit of teaching a second language.

    Universities these days put a premium on international learning and they appreciate students who have a better world-view than what the “home-schooled” students are limited to. The best international school however is still up for the parents to decide for their kids, but they need not worry as almost every country in the world has an institution that caters to just this need.

    Most international schools have a higher population of expatriate students or foreigners compared to native islanders; sometimes as much as eighty percent of the student population is of foreign origin. Even the teachers at these institutions are usually imported from the UK or the United States and have English as their first language and the island’s native tongue as a second language..

    The best international school has a spacious campus and facilities that are conducive to a student’s learning. Computers are at a one to one ratio per student and the libraries are well stocked with classics as well as more modern prints of any topic that a student may take interest in. Playing fields and leisure areas are also large and spacious and extra-curricular activities are also promoted here. The best thing however about the best international school is that once a student graduates from this institution, he or she can be accepted to a college or university practically anywhere in the world.

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    Simple Ways Of Avoiding STD’s

    Sexually transmitted diseases are the scourge of the modern era. No other group of diseases outside of cancer is cutting such a wide swath through the population of Earth and causing as much destruction on so many levels. With an estimated one in four people infected with some form of STD, no other disease matches them for sheer ability to infect people, and not all of them end in death, although that is the most likely possibility: Insanity and blindness are among the other major possibilities. They can also inflict infertility and impotence, as well as other social problems; STD’s are not limited to mere physical effects. Fortunately, there are ways to at least limit their spread.

    It needs to be noted that STD’s are not limited to spreading merely through intercourse. Merely kissing someone spread a disease, as can using the blood from someone infected; any time two people share bodily fluids such as saliva and blood the disease can jump from one person to another. Infants can be born already infected, provided the mother has infected herself. Any diseases from one partner can spread to the other as the moment that the relationship actually heats up and goes to the next level. This does not mean that passing the disease is automatic, and some diseases can be cured if caught either early enough or at the right moment. Other diseases can be at least treated. However, there are ways to limit an infestation.

    The singularly most effective way of dealing with STD’s is abstinence. Not actually engaging in intercourse is the most effective means of making sure that diseases do not spread as physical contact tends to be limited, but even it has its limits. After all, couples still find ways of sharing fluids, as even a kiss will eventually ensure the sharing of diseases, and some practices virtually ensure it. To be clear “abstinence” means the complete foregoing of any intercourse, and and that includes all forms, not just the traditional means; too many couples engage in different forms with the assumption that only one form will encourage the spread of a disease. Nonetheless, it is not a long-term solution, especially if the couple wished to have a child together.

    By the same token, condoms are another effective means of limiting the spread while at the same allowing for intercourse. Combined with spermicidal foams, a condom can reach close to 99% effectiveness and can be used by either or both partners as there are both male and female condoms available. However, it needs to be noted that they will never be 100% effective and some diseases are small enough that they can effectively slip through the condom. Also, for couples looking to have a child, this is obviously not a method that will always be employed; while various forms of in vitro fertilization may work most couples prefer to use more traditional methods of fertilization. As such condoms may be highly effective, they do have limitations.

    Some people lead decidedly risky lives, and so extra caution needs to be taken. Shared needles are another vector, and just making sure you use new needles every time should eliminate that problem. Also, some people have conditions that require a lot of blood transfusions; blood is tested and so that should not be a major source of concern. Nonetheless, testing for the disease can be a reasonably effective method and at least give you a fighting chance, especially now when there is a At Home STD Test option. A blood test is also a good idea for those who have sex on any kind of basis; a little paranoia is always a good thing when it comes to your health. Also, having your blood tested will keep you abreast of a number of different conditions making the loss of a little blood worth it.

    There are also certain traditions that can spread diseases as well. Sharing spit on handshakes is an obvious issue, as is blood brotherhood, while there are some substitutions available, such as exchanging Saint Christopher medals for blood brothers, in some cases, there are not. For those attempting to avoid sharing fluids, these details need to be looked into and avoided at all costs, and it may require diplomatic means. As such always look into local traditions of areas you will be visiting ahead of time.

    Avoiding STD’s requires some mostly minor adaptations, but those adaptations are well worth it. As almost anything is worth keeping your health, those adaptations are well worth working into your life. STD’s should never be the reason you are not enjoying your life to the fullest extent.

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    How To Use Business Management Tools To Enhance Profitability

    Business management tools can make a huge difference to your business. From developing your overall business strategy to working out how to organize your workplace communications, tools and software can enhance the day to day running of your operation. In many businesses operating on thin profit margins, this can make the difference between a small profit and a loss. There are very few areas of a modern business which will not benefit from some application of business management tools.

    Developing an overall business strategy can give your business a much needed focus in trying and difficult circumstances. Knowing your overall strategy is vital in deciding which projects are going to best enhance your prospects of success. The best initial step to take is to write down where your business is now, and exactly where you would like it to be. When you have done this, you can begin to work out the steps which can take your business from one to the other. This can be carried out by a small group, or it can be done in consultation with all managers within the business as described in this Michael Valentin artikler.

    There is a trend in modern business of getting people from all ranks within a company to take part in the decision making process. This is a positive development. Even if someone is just asked for their opinion on one specific area of the business which affects them personally, they will still feel a lot more involved than they would otherwise have done. This can only be good for morale, and helps the whole company develop a greater sense of togetherness.

    Business management tools can also play a great part in the effective deployment of business management resources. These resources include the skills of every employee in the organization, as well as the working hours they have available to them. By allocating these resources effectively, the entire profitability of the organization can be enhanced. It is also possible, using effective tools, to determine the training needs of key personnel, so that they can be moved to the right department at the right time.

    Business management tools can play a major part in enhancing the effectiveness of communications within the organization. Depending on the type of business environment in which you work, it can be critical to ensure that communications are sent and received in real time. Being able to effectively deal with these is one of the keys to making many businesses work. A stack of unanswered emails, or telephones which go unanswered, can lead to ongoing losses, and even the loss of important clients. It also gives a huge lift to the morale in any organization if the workload is consistently kept up to date, and people are finishing work on time with everything completed. This is possible with effective use of business management tools.

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    Could the missing keystone for a functionally sustainable planet be a change in how the majority of people choose to eat? Given the exponential human population growth we are experiencing, it’s important to take a serious look at this question.

    Vegans don’t eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy, or eggs. It’s pronounced “VEE-gun.” The meaning of vegetarian has a little more play to it. Some vegetarians might feast on dairy and eggs, where as a vegan consumes no animal products at all.

    If you understand “the why,” making the transition to a vegan diet will be more meaningful for you. Here are the 3 pillars that hold up “the why.”

    Increasing Your Overall Health

    By not consuming animal products, vegans have a better chance of side-stepping many preventable diseases like cancer. The quality of energy delivered by vegan foods can increase your quality of life.

    imitation meat

    Leaving A Lighter Eco-Footprint

    The production of animal products is harsher on the environment than you might think. Imagine acres and acres of rainforest being converted into grazing pastures. That’s just a glimpse of the devastation brought on by the livestock sector.

    Living A Compassionate Lifestyle

    Since the methods used to produce animal products are out of sight, they are often out of mind. The vast majority of the animal industry runs on profits, not ethics. Vegans choose to boycott the mistreatment of animals.

    It begs the question: if vegans decide not to eat meat, why do they eat imitation meat?

    The answer is simple. Imitation meat products, such as vegan meats, help new vegans with their vegan transition. It makes it easy to lean on old recipes while taking time to gradually incorporate other vegan foods that might seem intimidating at first look.