Most common issues with Printers

If you have a printer at home or your office in Dubai, then you might have surely witnessed problems in Inkjet or laser of the Printer. This is considered a minor problem and can be solved locally. There are some issues that can’t be solved locally unless you will not take the help of an expert. Some of those issues are as follows:

Your Printer is working too slow

Without any visible problem in the Printer, its performance goes down suddenly. Its print quality has also reduced. This may be because of the problems with the settings of the printer. The problem can be solved by making changes in Settings section. But the problem is not always solved by changing the settings of the printer. There are many more complications, the knowledge of which is available to experts only. There may be issues with graphics or the RAM of the device may be creating a hindrance. These issues can’t be solved without the help of experts.

Windows selects a wrong Printer as default

At times your Computer Windows may on its own select a default printer and sends print jobs to it. This you can change under settings.

Poor quality Printouts

The printer is working, but the quality is too bad. The printouts have horizontal lines on spots on them and are too light. This may be a problem with inkjet of the Printer or a clogged print head.

Problems while installing or configuring Printer

You will be provided full assistance if you are facing problems while installing or configuring your HP Printer.

Issues with Printer Drivers

Your Drivers may be too old, corrupt or missing from the system. You will be provided assistance in upgrading and installing drivers.

Issues in operating HP Printer

There may be issues in operating HP Printer. It may not be functioning properly or may refuse to take commands. At times your HP Printer might show some Error Message. You may face problems in attaching HP Printer Cartridge.

The printer stops abruptly

Sometimes until your Printer does not stop abruptly, you are not able to predict any issue with it. You don’t receive any error Notification. Your printer may fail to address responses or give unexpected output

Support Services

If Your HP Printer or HP plotter at home or office is not functioning properly, then you may need a plotter repair Dubai service to resolve the problem.


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