Can InventHelp Assist with Patent Protection?

In the world of technological advancement, new inventions frequently emerge. These can be potent game-changers, capable of revolutionizing existing systems and creating new opportunities. To safeguard an invention from misuse and establish its sole ownership, it is crucial to obtain a patent. This is where InventHelp comes into the picture.

What is InventHelp?

InventHelp is a leading inventor service firm established in 1984, known for providing assistance to inventors at all stages of the invention process. From conceptualization, prototyping, to patenting, InventHelp offers an array of services to bring your ideas to life and protect them from possible imitation.

InventHelp’s Role in Patent Protection

How can InventHelp assist with patent protection? InventHelp navigates inventors through the complex patenting process. It offers comprehensive guidance on patent laws, required documentation, and the preparation of a patent application. Whether it’s a utility patent, design patent, or plant patent, InventHelp tailors the approach based on the requirements and nature of your invention.

Patent Services

InventHelp provides a wide range of patent services. It offers assistance in filing a provisional application and non-provisional application, evaluation of the patentability of your idea, and preparation of legal documents such as assignments, licenses, and contracts. InventHelp also assists in filing foreign patents as well as maintaining existing patents.

Prototype Services

Understanding that a successful patent application often requires visual representation of the invention, InventHelp also offers prototyping services. Prototypes not only clarify the functionality and aesthetics of your invention but also significantly aid in the patenting process. Assisting with prototypes from InventHelp means that you get an accurate representation of your invention. InventHelp’s team is made up of expert designers who work with clients to create prototypes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Patent Search

To make sure an invention has not been previously patented, InventHelp offers patent search services. This is an essential step in the patenting process to steer clear of infringement lawsuits and futile patent applications.


In sum, InventHelp can indeed assist with patent protection. Their comprehensive approach simplifies the complex patenting process, enabling inventors to focus more on innovating. Yet, the inventor must take significant responsibility for the invention’s practicality and its potential for success in the market.

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